Email list verify – give us a task and get the complete information about email validation in a file

Using Email Magnifier for email address validation


Need email list verify? Need an answer if you deal with a real email or no and get a response in a file?
Email validation for one or numerous email addresses is not a problem anymore.
Email Magnifier helps you with this. Browse your file with mail addresses you want to verify (only csv or json!) here and give us a task to make this job for you!

Email Magnifier has a specially developed algorithm, following which we provide you the clearest and the most reliable information about the email existence.
We check the syntax, the domain, all its MX records, and analyze SMTP server behavior.
You get the fullest information that enables you to conclude about email address validation and get our recommendations as well.
You can choose the format of the file in which the results would be returned to you – json or excel file.

How to work with Background email address test task? Read the instructions below.

In My Tasks you can follow the creation of the task and the task execution procedure, and download the file with the results of the check.
With our email tester, email validation is easy and sure!

Email address test step by step

  1. Click the 'Browse' button and choose file for upload (the file must be 'csv' or 'json').
  2. If you want to check all MX records select the checkbox 'Analyze all MX records' (this option can add processing time).
    If this checkbox is not selected we check only one MX record with the highest priority.
  3. If you want to check the possibility to retrieve the real information about the email address existence from SMTP server (by 'RCPTTO' command)
    select the checkbox 'Check negative response possibility' (this option can add processing time).
    If this checkbox is not selected the email rank is considered as if a SMTP server allows to receive the real information about the email address existence (by 'RCPTTO' command).
  4. Select the 'excel' or 'json' option to set up the return file type.
  5. Click the 'Run Task' button.
  6. You can see the taks progress and the results in My Tasks.