Email Magnifier email test process algorithm explained

How we verify an email address
The procedure of email address verification
Analyze all MX records
When you choose this option the email analyzing process tests the email address in all MX records of this domain. This option can add processing time.
When this option is not selected we check only one MX record with the highest priority.
Check negative response possibility
When you choose this option we generate and test random false email address (see the procedure of email verification),
and if the SMTP server returns an answer (by 'RCPTTO' command) that this email address does not exist,
we can be sure that when checking the email address that interests us we will get a true answer.
If the server returns an answer that this false email address does exist, when checking an email address that interests us, we cannot be sure that the SMTP server response will be true.
When the option 'Check negative response possibility' is not selected we cannot be sure that SMTP server returns a true answer.
Email address rank
The email address rank indicates the validity of email address. This is an aggregation data of all the tests.
This data indicates you if the email address exists or not and what exactly failed during the process of the verification.
Code Description
0 The email address exist.
1 Invalid email address syntax.
2 The domain does not exist.
3 MX records not found.
4 The MX record is unavailable.
5 Connection failed.
6 'HELO' failed.
7 'MAILFROM' failed.
8 The email address does not exist.
9 'RCPTTO' is not clear.
10 'RCPTTO' does not support negative response.
11 'RCPTTO' email account is over quota.
12 Undefined.
Email address recommendation
The email recommendation is our interpretation of the rank given to the email address at the end of the verification process.
The email address exist.
The email address does not exist.
It is impossible to make a clear decision.

Options of the response given for the email address verification

Data provided in our response
  1. Email address syntax is valid / invalid
  2. Domain name exist / does not exist
  3. MX record exist / does not exist
  4. If SMTP server supported negative response.
  5. Connection Response
  6. HELO Response
  7. MAIL FROM Response
  8. RCPT TO Response
  9. QUIT Response
  10. Email rank
  11. Email address recommendation
We come to the conclusion analyzing all the data received during the test.
As we provide you this information as well, you can come to the conclusion by yourself, and your conclusion may or may not be similar to ours.