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Email Magnifier is your ultimate mail checker. Email Magnifier is a user-friendly mail tester developed especially to ease you a process of email validation.
Our email verifier gives you the quickest and the most honest response. We help you to validate email addresses in the most reliable way.

We created a special algorithm of email validation which gives you the fullest and the most comprehensive information about the email address existence,
the email address syntax, the domain, all its MX records, and SMTP server behavior.
With the results provided by our email verifier, you can easily decide if it is a real email or not.
Email Magnifier is a unique email verification tool, the most reliable and easy to use.

You can check a single email address or a number of emails online.
With the service provided by our email tester, you can give us a task to download your file with a list of emails for verification.
In this case, you receive back a response as a file sent automatically to you.
The file can be in json or excel format as you choose. Try it now for free and get the file with the results from our mail checker immediately!

If you are interested in single email address validation online, please proceed to our Online Single Email Address Test.
Check email address online here. Go and verify email address for free.

For checking a number of email addresses online proceed to our Online Bulk Email Address Test page.
You inquire about email lists here and get answered immediately. Check email address for free and get immediate results online! Get answered about real email or not online!
If you are concerned about your sender reputation, you can verify email address list with our Background Email Address Test Task.
Here you can upload your file with a list of email addresses you need to check and receive the results of the verification in a file as well.
To follow the task execution process and to download the results you can in My Tasks.
To use the Background Email Address Test Task you need to be a verified user and to purchase a suitable subscription.
Our email tester is easy to use and provides you the most reliable response.

For IT specialists our mail tester provides a special API service.
With our API service, you can fully automate the procedure of sending us the email addresses to be checked and getting the results in the way you prefer.
To learn how it works please proceed to How To Use API. In order to use this service, you have to be a verified user and to purchase a suitable subscription.

If you want to check if an email is valid, and to get the quickest and trustful response, you are welcome to use our email verifier tool.

We do not collect email addresses we are asked to check by you. We neither save the email addresses you ask to check nor transfer them to any other part.

Email Magnifier serves you in a way you can always rely upon. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for choosing to use the Email Magnifier services!